These exercises can be done in your backyard, on your living room floor, or at the gym–no equipment needed (unless you prefer a yoga mat) as you’ll be using your own body weight and strength.

Here what to do: Do each exercise for 30 seconds. Rest for 10 second between each exercise. Once you’re done with the entire circuit, rest for 45 seconds, then go back and do it all over again for a total of 3 times through. A really helpful way to keep track of this circuit workout is to download a timer app on your smartphone.  There are a lot of solid ones to choose from (Interval Timer, Seconds, Workouts+), just be sure you can customize workout and rest time.

Being fit is a mindset.  Adore your core! You got this!


Repeat full circuit 3 times, resting 45 seconds between each circuit
:30 Plank
:10 rest
:30 Side plank on each side
:10 rest
:30 L seat
:10 rest
:30 Russian twist
:10 rest
:30 Plank double knee taps
:10 rest
:30 Plank alternating knee taps
:10 rest
:30 Plank walk-ups
:45 rest



:30 Plank
Make sure to check your form.  On your forearms, check hands, elbows and shoulders are at 90 degrees.  The closer your feet are together the more challenging your plank will be.  Make sure your back is not dipping, give that pelvic area a little lift!Plank

:10 rest

:30 Side Plank (each side)
Supporting all your weight with one hand.  Stack your legs and feet if possible, if not, modify by planting one foot in front of the other or bend and place the knee of the lower leg on the ground.  Reach the opposite arm and hand to the sky.  Spread those fingers apart.Side Plank

:10 rest (do other side, then move on)

:30 L Seat
Lay supine (flat on back facing upward) on a matt.  With each hand grab the sides of the matt.  Bending at the hips, while keeping your legs straight lift them up so that the bottoms of your shoes are even with the sky/ceiling.  With small pulses, lift your hips off the matt and return to placing your hips back on the matt (keeping legs straight up).

L SeatL Seat 2


:10 rest

:30 Russian Twist
Lay supine on a matt.  Lifting with your core muscles, bring your body into a V-shape position (your bottom is the only body part touching the matt).  Clasp your hands together, while keeping your hips still, alternate bringing your clasped hands side to side/hip to hip.   Russian TwistRussian Twist 2

:10 rest

:30 Plank Alternating Knee Taps
Start in your perfect plank position, alternating knees,  tap knees to the mat.Plank Alternating Knee TapsPlank Alternating Knee Taps 2

:10 rest

:30 Walk Up Planks
Start in your perfect plank position, walk one hand up at a time into a high plank position.  From high plank, one arm at a time, return back to your forearms, ending in your perfect plank, repeat, repeat!Walk Up Planks 3Walk Up Planks 2Walk Up Planks