Breakfast Recipe To Supercharge Your Day 

Do you wake up some (many) mornings thinking “and so it all begins again”, or “it’s like groundhog day everyday?”  The lunches to pack, the endless laundry piles, the dishes that never seem to stop piling up and oh, by the way, throw a job into that mix….If so, you are a mom and the importance of taking care of yourself is not an option.  When mom is not well the wheels seem to fall of the bus – or the Suburban for that matter.  Making your food work for you is critical for creating the energy needed to accomplish all of your ‘mom tasks’ and much much more!


Carbohydrates — Used to create energy.  These foods work the quickest to transform into muscle glycogen – primary fuel for muscles.

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Proteins — Promote cell growth & repair.  Regulates many body processes: water balancing, nutrient transport & muscle contraction.

Fats — Transport many important nutrients like vitamins A & D, and are a major component of cell walls.  Fats are also used as a slow, secondary energy source.

Vitamins — Keep body processes working properly.  They play a key role in transforming carbohydrates into glycogen.

Minerals — Provide essential materials for the athletic body. Calcium & magnesium are used for bone development & iron for oxygen transport.

Fiber — Assists in moving food through the body while promoting healthy bacteria in the gastro-intestinal tract.

Water  — Constitutes most of our body weight, about 55% to 65%.  Dehydration impairs all bodily functions, including brains & muscles.

The age-old saying “you are what you eat” is one to live by!  Rule of thumb; never skip a meal, actually try not to go more than three hours with at least a little nourishment, and certainly never skip breakfast.  Breakfast sets the metabolic rhythm for the day.  Consume the good stuff and you will have the spring in your step needed to be a super mom for the entire day!

Here’s one way to kick off the day on the right foot. Leave a comment if you have another healthy breakfast option to share!

Energizing Breakfast


1 piece of Ezekiel toast

2 eggs (one full egg, one egg whites only)

salt & garlic to taste

All the veggies your heart desires!

A little hummus

Create an omelet with eggs, veggies, salt & garlic.  Toast the ezekiel bread, spread a little hummus and place omelet on top of the toast!  Enjoy with a tall glass of room temperature water!  Carbs, protein, fat, fiber, vitamins & minerals – Check and off you go to tackle the day fully fueled!