Australian fitness trainer and model, Chontel Duncan, is back at it again. She chronicled her crazy fit pregnancy on Instagram, which people reacted strongly to (some positive and supportive, some critical and concerned about the baby’s health), while she insisted she and her growing child were healthy. The photo that really got people talking though, was the one she shared comparing her pregnant belly with her friend’s baby bump.

The two were only four weeks apart in their pregnancies, but the difference in how they carried was huge! Duncan said she shared the photo “to show that every woman carries differently,” and to stop the “baby bump shaming” that seems to be so prevalent these days. She defended herself against the hateful commenters, saying she was still doing her HIIT work outs, and modifying when necessary (when her belly got in the way or felt uncomfortable), but the 6’1″ model insisted she was not doing anything harmful to her child. In fact, she insisted she was doing the opposite, which was taking good care of herself and her baby, and it would allow her to get back into shape easier once she had the baby. She was right! Her son Jeremiah Thomas Duncan (Miah) was born weighing a healthy 7 pounds 13 ounces, and only weeks after delivering him, she looks as fit as ever.

In a recent photo with her friend ‘Nat,’ Duncan assumes a simliar position with her friend, however, this time they are holding their little bundles of joy. Both women delivered “healthy baby boys,” and are doing well.

“Had a lovely surprise visit from Nat & baby Charlie. Omg his baby blue eyes are so beautiful. Wish I could have cuddled & kissed him but I’m not 100% well yet (hence my rank face). Two healthy incredible pregnancies & now two healthy baby boys.”

Duncan continues to share photos as she works her way back to her pre-pregnancy self, but from what we can tell from these pictures, she’s already there! Haters are gonna hate, but it’s tough to deny that she works hard to stay that fit. Granted, it is also her livelihood, but she puts in the time and effort, eats well, and seems to really enjoy life to the fullest.

Good job mom!